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*** STOP PRESS ***

Here at Tank Driving Scotland we like to have FUN, and sometimes we have requests from really famous organisations like the BBC! If you speak gaelic then you may have seen us on BBC Alba.


It all started with a request from the BBC production team asking if they could come and film with us…

We all started swatting up on our acting skills by watching Rambo, Platoon and  Tropic Thunder films, preparing for some awesome scenes that they might want to shoot with the instructors as extras.

We knew that we wouldn’t get the star roles, so we practiced our epic dying scenes ready for when we had to play the enemy. On the day we actually found out it was a Top Gear style show that didn’t require any blood ‘n’ guts to be shed, or even a single blank fired…

Well we couldn’t have that! Numerous takes might have been interrupted by gunshots, explosions or the odd smoke grenade lobbed into the shot…!

Well, the female presenter fluffed her lines, and jumped out of her skin once or twice when things went bang but, after her nerves calmed down and the film crew had attached more cameras than you could believe to the tank, she finally got a chance to drive with instruction from the G.Meister.

She took to the controls like a natural, powering the tank round the course and over all the mounds! All we could hear from the compound were screams…

Believe me, hearing a scream over that tank engine from 300 yards would send the enemy running in fear.

Both the presenter and her film crew made it safely back to base camp, where we discovered that the screams were actually of delight.

We’re still scouring the site for our instructor…  so lets hope that when the program airs, the speakers on your TV aren’t in danger!

Press And Journal

Aberdeen Press & Journal thought that their motoring section needed a little spicing up…

Well what better way to do it than send a nice dainty young lady to drive a big old Army Tank!

She had loads of fun, though her boyfriend had to nearly drag her home as she wanted to stay with us and keep playing in our vehicles!

Wave 102

Dundee’s very own radio station ‘Wave 102’ contacted us after the director’s son enjoyed his birthday party at Tank Driving Scotland earlier in the year.

Bill is a creative thinker for different publicity methods, as advertising people are…

He decided that his Morning Show presenter should be treated to a week out of the studio, which is where the idea became a little wacky..

Take one Morning Show presenter, one Ex-British Army Tank, and mix them together… What do you get?!

An All-Terrain, Tracked, Armoured, Un-Stoppable, Mobile Radio Studio that people had to have a double-take at when they saw it driving around Dundee. Thanks Bill, this was an awesome idea!

Richard took to his radio post like a duck to water –  Clad in Kevlar helmet, and standing out of the turret with his microphone, whilst we paraded around Dundee in the tank. Not only was the weather scorching, but Richard had a great time out of his studio that week.

We kept things livened up for him by setting of a few smoke grenades when he wasn’t watching…

Now.. Radio presenters are really jammy. They have the gift-of-the-gab – A unique skill to blag free things with requests over the air, as we found out.

As it was Rod’s birthday, Richard managed to get a bakery to deliver a cake, and also a pizza to the tank. Not to mention a full cooked breakfast someone brought down to our broadcasting location. We have to hand it to him – He’s earned his medals!

A BIG thanks to all the Wave 102 team and their listeners who came to see us, and brought the goodies!

Oh! And the nice police officer lady who didn’t arrest us for reversing the tank into her car!



We were delighted to welcome Sunday Post journalist Stephen Gallacher when he visited Tank Driving Scotland in November 2011.

Stephen’s experience was filmed by John Smith.


Sunday Post visit Tank Driving Scotland

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"[The tank is] THE best thing I’ve ever been in!" Richard (presenter) Wave 102
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