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Please check with us if the weather is severe prior to your scheduled date , please note that if we are on site we have no mobile signal & no internet access. Cancelations by us will be e mailed in advance and displayed on the book now page of the website.

1) What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your Voucher and Disclaimer. no voucher no experience

2) What do i need to wear?

You need to wear suitable clothing and suitable footwear, for the prevailing conditions we have boots & wellies on site  click here to check the weather forecast

3) Will i need to bring money?

There is chance to upgrade your driving experience and purchase paintballs on-site but we do take cards.

4 Can I bring my baby or dog ?

No Children under 5 as we have loud bangs and crying may upset customers.

No dogs or pets on site we have had to impose this as one lady brought a pet chicken to ride in the tank ( we also cant have dogs near children & vehicles.

5 Can i bring spectators

Yes civilians can watch from the observation area or take part & ride as civilians for £ 10 for under 12  £ 20 for above. this gets them kitted up and ride in the vehicles as passengers & commanders, they can also jump out nto the track center observation bunker for the best pictures & videos.

6 .Can I bring food,

We recommend snacks or sandwiches for groups there for the day children’s parties may only bring cake as we like to share this with the instructors. We have juice & crisps available to buy on site, No Alcohol .

7. Bad & Unsafe behaviour on site,

We do not tolerate bad or unsafe behaviour on site and any person upsetting other members will be kindly asked to calm down or leave the site. This is for customers safety as well as enjoyment.

8. If you are late for your booking,

In the instance of being late for your booking we may not be able to accommodate you, as our bookings are tightly scheduled you may miss your slot and have to re book incurring a fee. If you fail to turn up your voucher will be classed as spent. We may be able to re schedule you on the day but you may have to wait until the end of the bookings.

9. If you are unsure if you recieved the correct experience.

We can have up to 150 customers through the site on busy days and customers sometimes get confused about which package they are on, Please check which package you are on and the description of the package , we are happy to correct any errors on the day but cannot  be held responsible after you have left the site,

* Terms and Conditions – (Click the link to download)

Tank Driving Scotland – Website Purchase Terms and Conditions – V.2

* Disclaimer/Participation Agreement – (Click the link to download)


* Under 16’s Participation Authorisation Form – (Click the link to download)

Tank Driving Scotland – UNDER 16’s AUTHORISATION FORM – V.5

**************URGENT CUSTOMER NOTICE*************

We would like to bring it to the attention of customers who may have purchased Tank Driving Scotland Experiences during 2011 from Gift Experience Scotland Limited that Tank Driving Scotland Limited dissolved its partnership with this firm in November 2011, and will be unable to provide the activities purchased via this 3rdparty supplier.

Any customer who has purchased a voucher through Gift Experience Scotland Ltd and which is still valid should contact Gift Experience Scotland Ltd in the first instance to request a refund. You can also contact us if you wish to book via Tank Driving Scotland directly

Tank Driving Scotland Intellectual Property and Copyright Material

This is to advise that any unauthorised use of any of the Tank Driving Scotland website pictures, video’s texts or logos and any other form of Tank Driving Scotland’s intellectual properties will lead to prosecution.

Tank Driving Scotland reserves the right to charge for the use of any unauthorised use of any of the above pictures, videos, logos and texts and any other form of intellectual property. The cost for this will be as follows:

Should you wish to use any of the intellectual property, pictures, videos, texts and logos please contact Rod Sim (Managing Director of Tank Driving Scotland), there will be a charge of £200.00 per item used.

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Christmas Gift Vouchers

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"[The tank is] THE best thing I’ve ever been in!" Richard (presenter) Wave 102
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