unconventional bride makes entrance on a tank

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When Adelle & I planned our wedding yes there had to be  a tank involved however not a standard camouflage one but a nice white one that blew bubbles as well as made a bang!

Unknown to us the wedding photographer sent the pictures to the local paper but when the Scottish Sun & Star News paper published the article,we were surprised when it made the papers! Not only did it make the news paper we were shocked to find out it made the Stv News website!


Bride Adelle Spasic and groom Rod Sim arrive at their wedding on a tank. Credit: SWNS

It may not have been a traditional entrance but bride Adelle Spasic arrived at her wedding on a tank.

The couple, who wed in Perthshire in Scotland, chose the unusual mode of transport after groom Rod Sim proposed on one.

Painted white especially for the occasion, the tank, which was used in the first Gulf War, came fully fitted with a 16.5 tonne self-propelled gun which fired and blew out bubbles as they greeted their guests.

The guns firing to celebrate the couple's nuptials.

We would like to thank all who have congratulated us and hope to see you on site soon, Adelle & Rod Sim

Published: May 26th, 2014  

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