FV434 Tank Driving (Advanced)

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On your arrival at Tank Driving Scotland headquarters, we will transform you quicker than Superman changing in a phone box to look like a real squaddie!

Before being marched out to the tank track, we do make sure you know the basic controls of the vehicle. How to steer, where the accelerator is, and most importantly the brakes!
The Brigadier is a one-to-one experience – where you will enjoy personal tuition with one of our instructors.
During this time, you will learn to control your tank over some extremely large humps and bumps!
Also, Scottish weather permitting, a ‘sheep-dip’ drive through water (no sheep are actually involved or harmed during this experience).
Why not bring your friends or family with you on the day of your experience? They can ride in the tank with you, or take shots (Photo and video) from our observation bunker.
After your experience, as long as the tank comes back in one piece, you will be awarded a Tank Driving Scotland Certificate of Achievement. (looks good on the wall).
The Brigadier Experience is Fantasticall challenging and something you will not forget in a hurry! Book it as a great gift for family or friends, or go-on, treat yourself!
Please note that to drive our vehicles, you must be over 5ft in height. If you are under 5ft, you can purchase ‘Commander’ experiences and join your comrades for a ride in the vehicles.
Suitable for over 17’s

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This one-to-one experience introduces you to the FV434. This is one of the most versatile machines and an essential vehicle for maintaining the fleet.

  • Driving control’s & Vehicle Briefing
  • Drive time approx 15-20mins
  • The course includes learning the controls on the flat before negotiating the undulating field track
  • One lap of our testing tank track
  • One on one instruction
  • Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


Published: September 20th, 2022  

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