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Wheeled Vehicles

Welcome to Tank Driving Scotland’s page of wheeled ‘off roading’ machines.

New Recruit Experience (tank beginner course)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to drive a real army tank??  Wonder no more!  Grouped with our other ‘New Recruit’ we run these sessions at 10 am on operation dates.

– Drive two laps of the tank track
– Course includes Beginners track & training mounds
– Grouped with other drivers
– Take turns at being commander & driver or crew.

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The New Recruit experience is a grouped activity allowing you to experience the thrill of driving a real 15 tonne army tank!  The rest of the troop will take turns in the crew and commanders compartments, so you will have to negotiate the obstacles on the course with consideration (only a little)!

Geared up in army kit, you will firstly have the opportunity to experience traveling in the hull with your troops.  We do have seats, but not much else in there.  Our tanks are ex-military and have all seen active service - you will see the bullet holes for yourself!  This gives you a chance to see what real soldiers encounter, and all you have to worry about is telling your friends what a great time you had!

You will also act as commander during the experience, riding out of the hatch directly behind the driver. 

We’ll also drop you off at the observation bunker in the centre of the course, where you’ll have a great opportunity to take some shots at your comrades (Photographic or video of course)!

  The  group will be a maximum of 8 individual recruits, who will all have the opportunity to drive.  You’ll be with us for around an hour and a half. New Recruit experiences run on set days each month.

The New Recruit Experience is a fantastic outing.  It makes for a great gift, or we won’t judge if you treat yourself to some excitement.


(BUY NOW and receive a 'FREE VOUCHER’ for 2 people to experience a half day of PAINTBALL inclusive of 6 games and 200 paintballs! –



( Please note that 'New Recruits' must be aged 17 or over. Otherwise you can come on one of our one-to-one experiences such as the 'Major General' )





£79.98 per person - Voucher pack Luxury Voucher Information
£69.99 per person - e-Voucher only
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Argo Cat 8 X 8 Amphibious Buggy

Argo Cat 8 X 8 Amphibious Buggy,

Take control of this 8 X 8 Go anywhere amphibious buggy & feel the thrill of go where you want when you want.

We will kit you up & give you a full safety briefing before you get to grips on the Argo Cat on the flat ground first, you will be amazed how it can turn on the spot with ease and swim through water.

once you have mastered the controls we will then get you trained on how to master assents & descents before you get to swim it in our Argo pool.

Dont worry the fun does not end there once we have trained you you can look forward to a marsh trek where you will get to see what the true meaning of go anywhere means.

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Age 16 +  We can also do Junior rides where kids & an adult can ride with the instructor driving

You will be on site for aprox 80 Min this includes the kitting up briefing , de briefing, training & the driving experience.  the experience is based on driving a set track.

Passengers are welcome and are charged at £ 20 per adult & £ 10 per child. we provide all kit but advise outdoor clothes & prepare for cold & wet weather.

aprox on site time 1 hr individual driving package

£99.99 per person - Voucher pack Luxury Voucher Information
£89.00 per person - e-Voucher only
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Major General Experience (Tank intermediate course)

This one-to-one experience guarantees to put your abilities to the test and see what these massive machines can do.

– Drive 3 laps of our testing tank track
– Drive time approx 20mins
– Course includes Beginners track
– Training mounds
– Obstacle negotiation track
– One on one instruction

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On your arrival at Tank Driving Scotland headquarters, we will transform you quicker than Superman changing in a phone box to look like a real squaddie!  

Before being marched out to the tank track, we do make sure you know the basic controls of the vehicle.  How to steer, where the accelerator is, and most importantly… the brakes! 

The Major General is a one-to-one experience – where you will enjoy personal tuition with one of our instructors. 

During this time, you will come into contact with some pretty large humps and bumps!  

 Also, Scottish weather permitting, a 'sheep-dip' drive through water (no sheep are actually involved or harmed during this experience).

Why not bring your friends or family with you on the day of your experience? They can ride in the tank with you, or take shots (Photo and video) from our observation bunker in the centre of the course.


You’ll be with us for around an hour and receive personal one-to-one tank driving for quarter of an hour.

The Major General Experience is exhilarating, challenging and something you will not forget in a hurry!  Book it as a great gift for family or friends, or go-on, treat yourself!

Please note that to drive our vehicles, you must be over 5ft in height.  If you are under 5ft, you can purchase 'Commander' experiences and join your comrades for a ride in the vehicles.







£112.98 per person - Voucher pack Luxury Voucher Information
£99.99 per person - e-Voucher only
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Amphibious Lorry Experience

Drive this massive 10 tonne Stalwart Amphibious Lorry! -8 cylinder engine, 6 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, a reverse gearbox and it’s fully amphibious.

– Total experience approx 1.5hrs
– Major general tank drive in apc 3 laps of track
– Alvis Stalwart Drive time approx 15mins
– Course includes Beginners track and Obstacle negotiation track
– One on one instuction

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Arrive on site with us and your Drill Sergeant will kit you up in all the army gear.. The combat clothing.. The camouflage face paint and the 'uber important' kevlar lid (helmet..!)

Once you've received your briefing, we'll take you out to the track to meet your new friend..

You'll receive a briefing on the history and uses of this vehicle, hear how it swims across rivers carrying troops and supplies. Inspect all it's water jets, complex steering mechanisms and it's general sheer size!

Once you're happy that Jeeves has cared well for your new toy.. You will climb up it's massive exterior and through the hatch on the roof. Lower yourself into the hot seat and prepare for an introduction to the controls.. Bring a pen and paper.. You might need to take notes on this one!

You'll do a laps to get used to the controls of this vehicle.. Its definitley more complicated than driving a tank..! - Once your instructor is happy that you know your right from your left, you will hit the track to take on some of our more challenging humps, bumps and water dips..

Survive being chased by enemy tanks, return your vehicle, your instructor and yourself to headquarters in one piece.. and we will proudly present you with your well earned Tank Driving Scotland Certificate of Achievement. (Which you may proudly display to all comrades as proof that you are officially 'King of the Road!')

This experience lasts for around 1 hour.

This is for people with a driving license only, Do not book this unless the driver is able to climb into the vehicle and due to the cramped driving space this will not suit the larger driver. Please confirm prior to booking if this will be suitable







£211.99 per person - Voucher pack Luxury Voucher Information
£199.00 per person - e-Voucher only
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From the news desk...

Big thank you

Just to say thanks for a fun time over the weekend. My son had a tank driving session and it was brilliant. (Saturday 2.15pm slot)
Also the staff were incredibly friendly and certainly didn’t give the impression that they were just ‘doing a job’. That makes the difference to folk coming to have an entertaining day.
Keep [...]

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Argo Cat Adventure special offer

Special Half term & Bank Holiday offer for E voucher only Taster session £ 49.00
Get to grips with the Argo cat in a trial session grouped with other argo drivers you will experience the thrill of the amphibious all terrain buggy over some fantastic scottish muddy terrain, Duration 1 hr aprox drive time 15 min [...]

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like us on Facebook & win a tank driving experience

We are offering a lucky winner the chance to win a great tank driving experience for christmas, once we have 500 friends we will draw the winner from the names input and notify the winer.
Yay we hit the 500 friends within a day & a half congratulations Martel Maxwell on winning a christmas tank driving [...]

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"[The tank is] THE best thing I’ve ever been in!" Richard (presenter) Wave 102
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